Community Groups

Life is better together. 

At our church, we value the importance of living in a community. This is why we have established Community Groups to form connections. Our Community Groups serve as the foundation of our church.

We highly recommend that each individual join a group of 10-12 members who can support each other, just as Jesus did with his disciples.

I am interested in either hosting or leading a Community Group.


What are Community Groups?

Joining a Community Groups can be an excellent way to grow in your connection with God and foster meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals.


Does the group offer childcare?

Our various Community Groups may offer childcare services, but each group has its unique structure. Nevertheless, it remains the responsibility of parents to make adequate arrangements for their children during the group session.

Contact your group leader for further details and suggestions.


When do Community groups meet?

The meeting day and time for each Community group is determined by their own preference, hence there is no specific time allocated.

Community Groups are held for 10-12 weeks in the fall school term, 14-16 weeks in the spring school term and for an additional 5 weeks during the summer term, which is optional.

For more information, kindly consult a Community Group leader.


Where do Community Groups meet?

Our Community Groups gather in either private residences or public venues. You can locate a group in your area by selecting the "search for groups "  list above.

We promote meeting in homes for our Community Groups, as it makes it more convenient to invite friends and neighbors who may not feel at ease attending a larger group.