The Humphrey

Bruce and Bethany have committed to serving in vocational ministry for over two decades. Their dedication and passion have been evident throughout their ministry. Bruce holds a Master's degree in Pastoral Leadership from Cincinnati Christian University. Bethany holds a Master's degree in Curriculum Development from the University of South Florida.  

Their shared passion for serving in leadership roles within the local church has led them to dedicate numerous years to the mission of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Their efforts culminated in establishing Local Christian Church in Ashland in 2023. They feel grateful and humbled to be a part of God's work in the community. Their vision is to spread the message of Christ and connect people with discipling communities.

With their two sons, Bauer (16), and Bodie (13), they are excited to join this new ministry in Ashland, VA. As a family, when they are not doing ministry, they enjoy the outdoors, playing with their dogs Tucker (2) and Winston  (7),  hitting the roller coasters at Kings Dominion, watching movies, or doing things together.

What kind of church is Local Christian Church?

 Our church group originated from the Restoration Movement that emerged in the late 1700s and early 1800s. This movement aimed to unite Christians by prioritizing the Bible over denominational labels.

Our devotion lies with Christ and the teachings of the Bible. Our aim is to adhere to the patterns and principles laid out in the New Testament. Our church was founded with the assistance of other churches and ministries that share our beliefs and values.