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Our Local Team is composed of dedicated volunteers who serve in various areas of Local Christian Church. These areas of service span across the entire church.

Looking for a place to serve? Let us help you find the perfect fit.


If you have already become a Local Partner of Local Christian Church, you are now equipped to start serving! Our Local Team is essential to our mission, and countless opportunities are available. Complete the form, and a Local Team Coordinator will contact you shortly. 
DISCOVER LOCAL strives to help you Find Your Place and uncover your purpose as God intended. We will lead you in utilizing your unique gifts, talents, and abilities to fulfill His mission. This presents an exciting opportunity for you to discover the perfect fit!  


We move people to love like Jesus. 

Guest Experience encompasses various aspects such as the Local Place, Greeter, Cafe, Usher, Parking, Setup, Reset, Safety, and Next Steps.


At LOCAL KIDS, we strive to guide children towards the path that God has chosen for them. Our team caters to kids aged 6 weeks to 5th grade, and we aim to instill in them the knowledge that God has a plan and purpose for their lives. By working with parents, we provide age-appropriate, relevant, and enjoyable ways to build a strong foundation on God’s Word. We prioritize the safety of children at all times, and therefore, every team member must undergo a background check before serving.


We exist to cover services, teams, ministries, and events at LOCAL in prayer. We receive prayer requests from the church and unite in intercessory prayer for those needs before God each Sunday morning. We also serve at the LOCAL PLACE (Guest Connection Center) praying for people who request specific prayers at the close of services.


If you are passionate about making a positive impact and inspiring the next generation to have a closer relationship with Jesus, you may be interested in joining the LOCAL STUDENTS team. To get started, simply fill out the LOCAL TEAM form and we will schedule a one-on-one meeting with you. Together, we can work towards our shared goal of shaping the future and leaving an eternal impact. We look forward to collaborating with you!


Guest Connection Center

At LOCAL, we have a mission to pray for all our services, teams, ministries, and events. Every Sunday, we collect prayer requests from our church members and engage in intercessory prayer to seek God's intervention. We also offer our services at LOCAL PLACE, where we pray for individuals who need specific prayers after services.

We aim to make our guests feel welcome by offering a gift during their second visit. Additionally, we provide guidance around our location and are happy to answer any questions they may have about connecting.

Furthermore, we are committed to supporting our church family in their spiritual growth by offering prayer resources and materials such as free Bibles and guides on how to strengthen their faith.


Our sole purpose is to ensure that our community feel comfortable and secure our location. Leveraging our expertise, we are committed to safeguarding our LOCAL guests, children, and students while delivering exceptional first aid assistance in both emergency and non-emergency scenarios. Please note that this role necessitates a background check.


Our team takes on the role of hosts for the Next Steps class, warmly welcoming guests and offering materials and aid to individuals seeking guidance on their next steps at LOCAL.


Our purpose is to make the best possible first impression for guests at LOCAL. Therefore, we are always the first to arrive on location to set up our Worship, Local Kids, Next Steps, Local Place, and gathering areas every week. Our commitment to excellence means that we make sure everything is in its rightful place before guests arrive.


Our responsibility is to manage the resources entrusted to us by God. We take satisfaction in ensuring that every item, from flags to signage, is returned to its designated location. Our goal is to prepare the area for the next Sunday’s events in order to achieve a successful outcome.


We exist to make sure everyone is refreshed and ready for church by providing coffee to all. Creating this environment allows our guests to feel a warm welcome.


Our Sunday Morning Experience is made possible by the hardworking production team that operates behind the scenes. The team comprises individuals with diverse skill sets, including lighting technicians, sound engineers, computer operators, and more. If you have a passion for contributing to a worshipful environment, this is the perfect team for you. No prior experience is necessary as training will be provided.


Our aim at LOCAL Worship is to lead everyone towards the path desired by God through invigorating and impactful worship experiences.


Our main goal is to offer a comforting, inviting, and secure parking experience for all those who visit LOCAL for services. We ensure that guests feel welcomed and safe from the moment they arrive by assisting with traffic flow and providing friendly guidance as they cross the street.


As a Community Group leader, your main goal is to create a group who are committed to making disciples. By fostering a supportive and caring environment, you can help group members grow both in their faith and in their relationships with one another through Christ.


Our team is comprised of skilled photographers, videographers, and graphic designers who utilize their creative talents to serve our Creator. Whether it’s crafting social media posts or producing videos, our goal is to reach individuals for Jesus in an innovative manner. Join us and contribute to a team that uplifts one another’s creative abilities while creating meaningful opportunities for people to connect with Christ.


Our team is committed to providing dedicated support to the church by utilizing our strong attention to detail and administrative skills. We meet weekly on Mondays from 9:00-10:30am at our office to efficiently handle various administrative tasks for the Local community. These tasks include restocking supplies for Sunday services, preparing giveaways, and sending out letters to first-time guests.


Our purpose is to provide a peaceful and focused atmosphere for our guests in the worship experience. Leveraging our talents, we aim to support guests with seating arrangements, giving, and hosting, ensuring that everyone can experience the transformative power of JESUS. 


Our purpose is to cultivate a welcoming, Christ-centered atmosphere at LOCAL. We are honored to greet visitors, offer friendly gestures, assist with entrances, and distribute worship materials. Our goal is to convey Christ’s love through our actions, ensuring that every guest feels truly valued.