Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28: 19

Local is committed to impacting our community by serving and meeting the needs of our neighbors. We achieve this through local initiatives, including ongoing conversations with public schools and partnerships with non-profit organizations. By understanding the unique needs of these groups, we can identify areas where we can collaborate and work together to create a more significant impact in Ashland.

PHamily Closet

Do you know that Patrick Henry High School has a food pantry? Here, students can grab the necessities for themselves and their family members. At Local, we want to help. When first-time guests fill out a connection card, we generously give back a portion of our weekly giving to those who need it.  Local has donated $767 to support the needs of these families.

PHamily Thanksgiving Meal Drive

Five families will be provided with a full meal consisting of a whole turkey.

Planting Churches

Planting new churches is primarily about bringing people who are spiritually dead to life. This involves restoring relationships, discovering community, and changing the eternal destiny of individuals. It also enables people to embrace a new identity in Christ, experience forgiveness, and be liberated from the kingdom of darkness, More than $700 has been provided to support the establishment of new churches.

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At Local Christian Church, we strive to foster a community of authentic followers who embody the transformative impact of the gospel. Our vision is to introduce individuals to Jesus and witness the remarkable changes that take place in their lives through faith.

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