Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..."

Matthew 19:14

Ages: Birth - 5th Grade
Helping kids to love like Jesus

At Local, we prioritize the spiritual growth and safety of the youngest members of our church community.  We pride ourselves on offering secure, hygienic, and affectionate settings for all our kids. Our classes are supervised by a group of outstanding Local Team Members who have undergone an interview process, comprehensive criminal background check, and regular training to guarantee that your child receives top-notch care. Our mission at Local Kids is to assist every child in developing robust relationships, becoming more like Jesus, and loving Him.

Babies and Toddlers

Our ministry to children begins in the infant classroom at Local Kids. Our goal is to introduce babies to Jesus from the moment they enter one of our nurseries or toddler rooms.


In our Preschool class, children will be introduced to the fundamental concepts of God's love. They will learn the Bible's great stories, memorize scripture, pray, and participate in worship.


Our classroom time teaches Biblical truths using an age-appropriate and relevant curriculum. Each week, we focus on one main idea and Bible verse, exploring it through various methods such as videos, activities, and small group discussions. We aim to help children grow closer in their daily walk with God.


Local Kids operates with four core values that help us evaluate all our programs and strategies. 

Create a safe environment.

We prioritize physical and emotional and spiritual safety for all children who walk through our doors. We strive to create a haven where they can feel the unconditional love of their Heavenly Father.

Be a space for exploration and growth.

As children are naturally inquisitive and observant, it is crucial to provide them with an engaging and stimulating environment that introduces them to the concept of a loving God who desires a personal connection with them. We employ various techniques such as videos,  interactive discussions, and object lessons to achieve this. These tools aid in the child's spiritual growth and development. 

Strengthen the family.

Parents significantly influence their children's lives and are ultimately responsible to God for their upbringing. Given this responsibility, we strive to keep parents informed about the material introduced to their children and provide them with the tools to continue the discussion at home.

Love like Him

Children need to learn about an all-powerful and all-loving God who desires our worship and experiences unconditional love and selfless service toward others. Children can gain a deeper understanding of their faith by allowing them to love, worship, and serve God.

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