LOcal Students

Growing together.

Local Students enable middle and high school students to begin and continue their spiritual growth.

Building relationships is essential to students' spiritual growth. Our ministry meets every Sunday at 5 PM at the office (112 England Street—A; Ashland, VA 23005), providing an excellent opportunity for students to connect with adults and peers. The program consists of small group discussions where students can ask questions about their faith and learn how to apply those teachings daily. To make the experience enjoyable, there will also be games, music, snacks, and lots of laughter.

We desire to create a community where students can connect with God and families are supported and empowered to guide their children toward a deeper relationship with Jesus. We walk alongside families, appreciating your trust in us, as you lead your loved ones in their spiritual growth. We offer regular activities, exclusive gatherings, and useful tools, all designed to support and value your role in this journey.

Students require opportunities to express their gratitude and communicate with God both individually and corporately. They engage in our Sunday morning gathering and Sunday night to connect with other students and the Bible.

Our small group conversations give students unique opportunities to explore their faith-related questions and apply these truths to their lives. These weekly meetups include games, music, snacks, and laughter to help foster peer relationships and inspire personal growth and self-discovery through the study of the Bible in their daily lives.

While families are primarily responsible for walking together in faith, we consider it an honor to provide resources and support in this endeavor. As your family begins to serve others outside of your home, please consider one of our church-wide, family-friendly projects or keep an eye out for special student events.

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Join our group from 6 PM to 7:30 PM to connect with like-minded individuals and discuss questions about faith. Through small group conversations, students can apply biblical truths to their personal lives. Our weekly gatherings feature games, music, snacks, and laughter, creating a fun and welcoming environment to build relationships. 

Contact Jacob Ward

Jacob and Haley Ward are joining us from Fairmount. Jacob served as a part-time intern for Fairmount Christian Church for two years, overseeing the college and young adults. He has a genuine love and passion for the next generation, which is very valuable in today’s culture, where identity, authenticity, and Truth are highly sought. Jacob is incredibly relatable and authentic, making him a great addition to our team.

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